Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Standard Practice For Developing Lists of Invasive Plant Species

ASTM has announced that it has begun an initiative to create a standard that 1) describes the criteria and procedures by which to develop an invasive plant list for a defined region and 2) will be useful as the foundation for creating lists of invasive plants to support building codes and related applications. Model building codes and rating systems that aim to improve the environmental performance of buildings and their sites increasingly incorporate clauses to address the ecological damage related to invasive plants in landscaping.

ASTM believes a standard is needed to provide government agencies as well as environmental, academic, and horticultural organizations a common approach to determining what plants are invasive to a specified area. Existing State and Federal noxious weed lists have generally not kept pace with the latest science in the field, and many focus predominantly on agricultural, rather than ecological, impacts. Few local governments have yet to develop their own lists. With definitions dependent on the existence of local, State, and Federal lists, ASTM has concluded that the invasive plant requirements in green building codes will have little effect.

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