Monday, November 22, 2010

Quarry and Mine General Permit Revised By Iowa DNR

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has scheduled a public meeting on November 30, 2010 to discuss proposed new rules for quarry and mine owners and operators. IDNR will explain changes in the draft permit that applies to these operations and seek comments on the rule change. The revised draft general permit will require operators to consider methods that would reduce water quality impacts. It also clarifies the duties of mine and quarry operators.

The changes are proposed for wastewater discharges from mining and processing facilities that currently need an IDNR General Permit Number 5. The updated rules will keep mines and quarries in compliance with state water quality standards.

Most currently permitted facilities are eligible to use the general permit. However, they will have to submit results from water sample tests on sulfate in the future. The DNR may require an individual permit for facilities with high sulfate levels and those with new or expanded discharges to Outstanding Iowa Waters. The proposed changes would become effective in July 2011.

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