Sunday, December 5, 2010

ADEQ Proposed General Permit For Pesticide Application

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) released a proposed general permit applicable to point source discharges of pesticides to the waters of the State (Permit No. AZG2011-001). This permit applies to pesticide application on or near surface waters in Arizona. The draft permit includes numerous requirements to be completed before, during and after pesticide applications.

Read a summary of the proposed ADEQ general permit for application of pesticides

EPA requires all States that are authorized to issue NPDES permits, including Arizona, to issue permits for pesticide applications. Most States have elected to prepare a general permit format.

Link to additional information on pesticide application permits

Coverage under the draft general permit will be available for pesticide application operators. An operator generally includes both (1) the entity with control over the financing for, or the decision to perform pesticide applications and (2) the entity with day-to-day operational control of or who performs activities (e.g., the application of pesticides) that are necessary to ensure compliance with the permit. More than one operator may be responsible for compliance with this permit for any single discharge from the application of pesticides.

The permit will be available to operators who apply either biological pesticides or chemical pesticides, when the pesticide application falls within specified pesticide use patterns.

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