Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Advisory Board For Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced the creation of an advisory board to support federal agencies with the implementation of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the updated Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The new board will provide advice and recommendations to EPA Administrator as federal Interagency Task Force chair.

To form the board, EPA will consider candidates from a broad range of interests including environmental groups, businesses, agricultural groups, funders/foundations, environmental justice groups, youth groups, academia and state, local and tribal representatives as needed. Nominees will be solicited through a Federal Register notice. EPA anticipates that board will be established during summer 2012.

The Interagency Task Force is made up of 16 federal agencies and departments. In 2010 they developed an action plan to implement initiatives in five areas:
  1. Cleaning up toxics and toxic hot spot Areas of Concern.
  2. Combating invasive species.
  3. Promoting near-shore health by protecting watersheds from polluted runoff.
  4. Restoring wetlands and other habitats.
  5. Raising public awareness, tracking progress, and working with partners.
The plan also establishes annual benchmarks for success and progress.

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