Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Wisconsin Water Quality Rules Approved

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board today approved a comprehensive strategy to improve the water quality of the State’s lakes, rivers and streams. The rules proposed by the DNR address phosphorous and other nutrient pollution as well as erosion and sedimentation that degrade water quality.

The rules approved by the board address both point and non-point sources of pollution, and establish a numerical water quality standards for phosphorous.

According to the WNDR, Wisconsin will also become the first state to put in place an adaptive management approach that promotes cooperation among point (end-of-pipe or stack) and non-point (run-off) pollution sources to find the most cost-effective means to reduce phosphorus and other pollutants.

These rules also address Wisconsin law that requires the WDNR to partner with the agriculture community and provide cost-sharing dollars. Under this provision, the DNR will provide up to 70% to share the farmers’ costs of implementing non-point pollution controls to meet the standards.

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